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The latest of many rumors Couch reported was that the Admin was asking CMD to make changes and he was resisting. Looks like the guy got too proud to realize he had to change with the game. It's sad that he's retiring, especially since I saw so many home games during his tenure. Blackwell is worse than a woman spurned. Perhaps he walked the plank I've said for three years he should be in the NFL breaking down film.

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Mark Dantonio retiring as Michigan State football coach

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He's great at what he does, it's just we didn't have the guys to DO it anymore.

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Guy Gets Pissed When His Illegally Parked Car Gets Completely Covered in Post-It Notes

He could make a couple mil per year doing that. I'll gladly eat crow and email Beekman personally. On that note, let's go get Fickell!

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