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However, the most interesting part about this movie happened behind the scenes. Wicked City exists in a universe where the demon world secretly exists alongside the human world and follows Taki, a member of the secretive police force Black Guard. The sex is so magical, it actually transforms Holli into the real Basinger. Below is a sampling of the animated projects that questioned what sex and intimacy can be in their own bizarre and sometimes beautiful way. You can thank Seth Rogen for the most recent addition to this list. Where to stream Heavy Metal. Fritz the Cat has the distinction of being the first animated film to ever receive an X rating in the United States.

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The 11 Dirtiest and Most Shocking Sex Scenes in the History of Animation

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Part 8 Reveals The Culprit.

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The film features a similar world in which real people can interact with cartoon characters, only this time the cartoons come from the mind of a lone cartoonist. More On: Decider After Dark. After a lightning experiment, a nerdy teenager is transformed into Den, a muscular hero. What Is an Eldritch Terror?

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