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Unfortunately, they cannot seem to find a weakness, so Flora comes up with a plan where she will distract the monster while they attack it. Faragonda then informs the Winx that it is time they have to leave and Flora and Helia say their goodbyes to each other, though, unbeknownst to the Winx, the Specialists have been assigned a mission to follow them to Earth and protect them in secret. In " Gangs of Gardenia ," Flora decides to act on her feelings and writes a letter to Helia revealing of how she truly feels about him. As the Specialists leave, Chatta pushes for Flora to confess her feelings to Helia. Flora claims that her heart is telling her that Helia is the one for her, that she should just give him the letter and that she should tell him that she is in love with him. Helia surprises Flora by giving her a special origami he made for her.

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Flora and Helia

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During that time, Flora and Helia share a small scene with each other where Helia kisses Flora's hand and hug each other closely.

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However, Flora wasn't convinced as she still had worries and doubts if Helia still loved her. Issue Treason Issue Magic Tournament. When Flora and the Winx are dancing each of them are thinking of things that they love which causes them to get a special pair of ballet shoes except Flora, the Winx encourage Flora to try anyway. Later on, Aisha and Flora are shown in the Alfea cafeteria, where Flora reveals that she wanted to give Helia the letter, but says that girls do not really make the first move when it comes to boys.

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