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Almost all of the characters are good looking. Recommended Post Top 10 Manhwa Couples. In an anime such as Basilisk, which deals with honor, duty, and warring clans, it is almost a guarantee that the tragic romantic storyline will be steamy. Akihito is disheveled, with hazy, beckoning eyes. The couple is brooding and intense, and both of them have an attractiveness that cannot be contained only on the screen. Insanely popular, even today, Sailor Moon is a classic with a killer cast.

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She is beautiful, strong, and dedicated, making both her looks and personality appealing.

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But their subdued attractiveness should not be ignored. Known as the Black Reaper, we think he could possess our hearts anytime he wants to. A wealthy Haruhi, though small and slight, has beautiful features that can pass as both masculine and feminine. Adorable as a guy and stunning as a girl, she completes the oozing confidence of Tamaki perfectly.

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