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It is in fact necessary to compensate for the absence of spontaneous anal lubrication through products that facilitate the entry — and the pleasant stay of the chosen foreign body, while keeping away excess friction and rubbing and what is unfortunate, such as irritation, pain and small injuries. B-vibe has an article that will guide you on how to choose the right lube for your butt plug. Among all these products for lovers of anal sex there is only the embarrassment of choice and experimentation! These lubricants are the precious allies of every anal penetration, but when it comes to anal sex they become a real must! The materials used, to create a quality anal plug, are hypoallergenic and safe, they are soft like: rubber or medical silicone, with a consistency that allows easy insertion, but on the market there are also metal, wood, glass, marble and stone. You cannot use it without lubricant but what is the best lubricant for a butt plug.

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Japanese butt plug

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The anal plug is marketed in various sizes, both in terms of length and circumference, has a phallic or pyramidal shape with a rounded tip to allow easy application.

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What Happens if you use a butt-plug without a lubricant?

To avoid transmission of diseases or infections, use a condom if the anal plug is used by more than one person. Very durable, but are to be avoided at all if penetrating into the back entrance is a silicone sex toy. It is an accepted notion that butt plugs for masturbation are a way to diversify the same and also to emphasize the indispensable preliminaries of sex.

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