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The magazine asked her if she considered herself a feminist and Cuoco asked if it was bad if she said "no. That burden played a role in the breakup, she said. In fact, Cuoco was so annoyed that she used Entertainment Tonight to deliver a message to her crush: "So, Ben Higgins, I have questions for you, and I will save my questions until I get through and I will be on my phone when I get in my car to try and get through tonight. According to Business Insider , Cuoco told Kimmel the bangs were an attempt to cover-up of six stitches and a black eye that she received after a prank gone wrong on the set of The Big Bang Theory. I was 21 when I started this show. Imagine how Galecki, who is not only Cuoco's co-star but also her ex-boyfriend, has felt as she repeats this embarrassing story.

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Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory

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She threw a co-star under the bus for those bangs Getty Images.

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Johnny Galecki had sex in his The Big Bang Theory dressing room and Kaley Cuoco ‘wasn’t included’

Despite her clearly compliment-fishing claim that she wanted to throw in the towel, Cuoco ate her words when she returned to Kimmel a year later, having renewed her contract with CBS for another two seasons. The dynamic between these former flames continues to cast a long shadow over both stars. For instance, many people assumed her rush to the alter with Sweeting suggested she might be expecting.

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  1. Great video...good chemistry..Mia is a rock star

  2. Is it just me or does Brandi Love look like Julia Ann?!? (Oh and Cherie DeVille) I love all three of them!!!!!