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Of course, the most popular badge for DIY police costumes is the star-shaped one worn by American sheriffs. Bowler hats and tall constable hats are a common sight in the UK. Since you are only making a police costume and you won't have to actually chase anyone - in theory - you can wear black dress shoes to give your uniform a distinguished touch while still looking authentic. Anything you can think of will be fine! Some officers may wear a skirt to work, but it is uncommon as it is not very practical. Sometimes the shield also appears as an embroidered patch on the sleeve. You don't have to be perfectly accurate, as everyone will recognize your DIY police officer look, but realism is always appreciated.

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How to Easily Make a Police Costume

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If you want to, you can add some extras to give a more genuine touch to your costume: what about sunglasses, a notebook in hand, and a hanging whistle?

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You can choose a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved shirt , depending on the weather and the exact uniform. Remember to line it with black fabric to make it look real. Sometimes the color of the shirt depends on the rank of the officer. Bowler hats and tall constable hats are a common sight in the UK.

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