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Luckily, a lot of other people did! Candy also tended to be scantily-clad almost all the time: she only dressed with a blue bra with white stars in the center likely representing the United States flag covering only her nipples, a red bikini with white stripes, red high heels and a white band on her hair. Candy has too regretted her past actions, saying that she didn't "know her ass from her elbow", but that luckily, a lot of other people did. Suxxx meets Vercetti once again when Vercetti gets the idea to use a spotlight display to advertise their latest film. She first meets Tommy Vercetti when he recruits her , first killing her agent , and then taking her to the InterGlobal Films studios with Mercedes Cortez. Possible involvement in blackmailing of politicians.

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Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)

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Promotional poster for the film Closer Encounters , starring Candy Suxxx.

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Candy Suxxx

Promotional poster for the film Filthy Chicks , starring Candy Suxxx. During Dildo Dodo , it is revealed that Steve Scott and Candy are sleeping together which is discovered when Scott asks Suxxx to go to his trailer. Candy Suxxx reference on the cover of the Pussycat Magazine. Sign In Don't have an account?

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