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He displays Rufus' fondness for cookies, and asks Rufus what the meaning of life is, to which the mole rat replies, "Cheese! He and the original Rufus lead them against Shego and her allies in the climax of the film. First alluded to in "Hidden Talent", when Bonnie mentioned her "older sibs" having won the Middleton High talent show the previous four years in a row, they make their first physical appearance in "Bonding". Reuben is the bridegroom at the wedding in "Bad Boy". A male chauvinist with a biker gang motif and an eye for beautiful chicks —including Shego , who wants nothing to do with him—he spends his time playing air guitar and stealing anything which is car related, especially that which will fill his need for speed.

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Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable

Her hair is wavier and a lighter brown than Bonnie's. As of the finale episode, "Graduation" and its closing credits , he is still petrified. Ron once comments that he is the only one of their regular foes who regularly remembers his name, which he appreciates. When he was first purchased, Rufus' appearance resembled that of an actual naked mole rat, being wrinkled, and eyes barely open.

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