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ALSO AYYY i got that referene to jinnies piggies you aint slick hahaha though yea this request was everything, i tired ot include everything you asked I hope its good and that you enjoy it! The teasing has Kyungsoo so flustered. We should be learning about things that are going on now. Like, how they used to do it in old days. It even gets to the point where he has several days worth of treats hoarded up his desk drawer. Anonymous asked: Can you draw Taehyung the biggest possible? But then I started to appreciate it, and just started loving it.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Like, how they used to do it in old days.

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And a look over at Jimin made Yoongi flush even more. Exams are finally done with, and Yoongi could feel all of the stress lift from his shoulders. Even if he stocked his cabinets and fridge with junk, it was all gone by the next week.

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