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This documentary provides a realistic look into a sadomasochistic relationship. The filmmakers boldly portray the fetishes without judgment and allow you to relate to the characters. This documentary is eye-opening and graphic for most people. This would be a good film if you're just starting to get into BDSM movies and wondering if you would like to see more. FYI - It can be a tad hard to find since there are a bunch of other movies, documentaries, or shows with the same name.

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This film is about a young woman's journey from the underground kink scene to the professional kink scene.

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15 Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey - But Way Better

The relationship is a much more accurate and healthy portrayal of a power-exchange based relationship- what 50 shades gets wrong, this one gets right. This documentary is eye-opening and graphic for most people. Also, if you are curious or want to get your kink on, you might find these articles interesting:.

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