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Tumblr is a platform that generally focuses on content rather than users, so though we began to accumulate notes on our tagged posts and reblogs, follower growth was slow. The addition of this tagging system and drop-down subject list on the navigation bar means that users can easily find the posts that best interest them, improving their experience on our blog. Dean from Safe As Milk here. In the first 20 minutes of the post going live, we had a number of notes and enthusiastic responses from followers, including:. This caused our follower and note count to explode for a short while, eventually stabilizing to a growth rate of about 6 followers or.

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Let’s Talk Tumblr

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Comments Its a great article!

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Digital Desire

Comments Its a great article! Our total follower growth, showing the dramatic follower increase after being added to the Spotlight page. This type of comedy is impossible to explain without examples, so enjoy two of my personal favourites:.

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  1. the gentilness and kindness portrayed is refreshing.

  2. thanks! i've been looking for this, i have seen it up a couple times but always gets taken down really qu