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Underwear allow sweat, and other body leaks and secretions to be kept away from the outer clothes, which is sanitary. After all its not your body. I do not mind getting erections and having people see. But wear underwear can protect sensitive areas of our bodies to be chafed. Started when I noticed boxers made me feel constipated and uneasy. There are several reasons that make you feel that underwear is necessary than going commando. In the case of stretchy or thin outer garments, there will be a very clear outline of your private area, particularly if you have an erection.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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If your guy wants to let it hang loose and relax, butt out.

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Still Going Commando? Men Should Wear Underwear!

I freeball and believe me if any guy is reasonably hygienic there should be no problems. Imagine jogging without underwear, unbelievable! Underwear would be much more ddisgreat then not having anything on.

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