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Views Read Edit View history. At one time I wanted to be a network reporter, but now I think that is too difficult a life. Kaity pronounced "kite-ee" [5] Tong was born in Qingdao , China and arrived in the United States with her family at age four. Originally hired as a writer for the station, Tong was asked to do an on-air test and was immediately promoted to a street reporter, where her first on-air story was a report on the new carts that transported people around the airport. She was accepted to the doctoral program of Stanford University in Chinese and Japanese literature, [2] and she intended to be an instructor in English literature. Tong declined to repeat specifically what Liss's vision was, other than to say, "I am trying hard to take the high road in all of this. Other supporters of Tong cited her age, which was over 40 at the time, as a main reason for her firing.

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Kaity Tong Returns to NYC Airwaves After Mystery Illness

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She has been recognized by the Chinese America Arts Council for her excellence in communication.

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Kaity Tong

Growing up in Washington, D. Within two years, she became co-anchor of the station's 5 p. Referring to the difficulties of having a family and career, she said at the time: "Anchoring is fun. She co-anchored the station's 10 p.

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