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The music is wonderful, the characters are over-the-top groovy, funky cuteness incarnate, and Martin Mull, as I remember, is overtaken with lust as he nails a gal with some interesting pigmentation issues in the control room. Maybe that is why satellite radio is taking off. FM is very fast-paced, written for dunderheads who remember the 's through dope-fogged glasses, and as inconsequential as the pop-culture of that time period. Wow, imagine that, a Station Manager who refuses good money! I recall a news item in the paper about it being filmed for use in a movie.

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Patty Smyth

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Great film, only if you like flicks about Radio robertbass3 21 May

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The storyline of FM is nothing new. Brief synopsis: Radio station employees fight running commercial spots on what was a non-commercial station. So if you like films about radio, or if you want to get a glimpse of how radio really "should be" today, you might find this film worth watching. One side are there rebels lead by Jeff Dugan who are going to do it there way at all costs.

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