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This diminutive union was that of two dwarfs, both French Americans, whose combined height is 6 feet 4 inches, and whose combined weight - pounds - is but that of the average woman of fair size. Two other children born to her parents were of normal size. He was then as large as he is now, never having grown from that time. Annonce du Palais des Nains parue dans le guide de Diamond Taxicab en Nichols is French, and was born 25 years ago at St. There never was a merrier breakfast party, and the little couple were showered with such a mountain of good wishes that it is a wonder they were not forever engulfed by them.

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Something was lacking in their happiness.

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They were the only midgets in the world to give birth to a viable child at that time. She is 40 inches tall, and weighs 77 pounds. Their home there will be at North Main street, above the store kept by Mr.

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