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Tyffany Million was known as the "dirty girl" of porn, appearing in titles, and took pride in her acting abilities. The documentary " After Porn Ends " caught up with 12 former adult-film performers to see where life had taken them. John Leslie says he worked 40 days out of the year, "and maybe 15 to 20 days were sex days. Lubben, center, has also undertaken the quest to shut down the XXX business. Amber Lynn followed her big brother, adult-film director Buck Adams, into the family business. Carey ran for governor of California twice, promising to legalize gay marriage and tax breast implants.

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12 former porn stars who now lead boring, normal lives

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Moving beyond porn was particularly difficult for Houston, who couldn't keep a job in real estate because she would be recognized. She enjoyed learning all the crew members' jobs in between scenes. He retired and resumed his passion, painting, which he studied in college.

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