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I predict elbow implants will become the new rage. I think Nicki Minaj is really an android. I wonder if the butt implants change the feel. The guys all drink crap beers out of the bottle, then do a shot with the bartender every time she stops to talk with them. Was wondering if you had seen it. Plenty of strippers with small natural butts out there. You know who doesn't need butt implants?

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The bartenders go up and down the bar holding quiet whispered conversations with each guy, usually leaning waaaaaaaay over and letting the guy hold her hands while talking.

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TarheelBorn83 wrote: I wonder if the butt implants change the feel. Guys sit in the bar stools, preferably not next to another guy wherever possible. I feel like I could use the momentum of the first few seconds to last me through the entire minute and a half.

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