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If a woman has never had children, her vag will pretty much stay in the same shape as when she was young, as long as the woman is athletic, with a solid core, which this woman is, and has. I could tell when TW's mug shot came out that his body was stacked, and he has been known for years to obsessed with fitness. In another era, perhaps when Tiger first went nuts in , nudes pics would have, as they say, "broken the Internet. He doesn't exude sexuality, even though he's a manwhore. Honestly, you guys are as dweeby and idiotic sometimes as straight male virgins. I also hate pics of hard cocks with foreskin covering the head. R51, love your way with the words.

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He also seems like he would be passionate as hell in bed, when he's not doped up that is.

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What is it with these black male celebs who only want white women? That is the look most women and straight men like. Why does he only fuck white women? Chances hard it doesn't get hard.

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