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However when the authorities tried to carry out a routine inspection they discovered that the business had since moved out of the premises. A privilege of the wealthy classes. Let me fuck a robot, goddamn it! Also this is fucking sexual power dynamics. Maybe the affectionate hooker is much more prevalent in the industry than I am aware.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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The owner has since cancelled the tenancy agreement with the Lumidolls entrepreneurs.

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So purely for the mechanical sexual intercourse or whatever particular act spins your swizzle stick as it were but very decidedly not for affection. The owner of the venue claimed they were not aware of what the property was being used for and only became aware of its use when they recognized the walls from photographs published on the internet. Prostitutes who work in the city with Aprosex - the Association of Sex Professionals - objected saying a doll cannot match the services of a real person and denigrates real sex workers to merely being an object. Based on this I was under then impression that the hookers themselves are setting themselves in the role of a sex doll.

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