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LOL And again, pick up Illiasburg before you going to other cities, and talk to everyone. Click it, and if you have the Lottery Ticket, you get the Jewel of Fortune here. Sapphire or Black and white? Annnndddd, our most beloved monster girls appears! This option is only available if you have the Grilled Sea Anemone from part 1. You must get it before the Coliseum fights. The purpose of this walkthrough is get every H-Scene as you progress with the story Version History: v1.

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Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3

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Flask, Alchemy, Homonculus

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Monmusu Quest – FAQ/Walkthrough

Since Rogue patch have a certain rule on it, you need to save on the "Save Location" in order to save properly so the game won't crash. Don't worry, we also provide explanation to get the CG for choices. Try to end the fight quickly before Sylph and Gnome runs out Annnndddd, our most beloved monster girls appears!

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