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My younger male cousins joined cheer leading because that's where the hot chicks were. This is the number of comments. Sign up for the Fark NotNewsletter! My response was, "but why"? I don't recall cheer leading being an option for boys when I was in school. He is literally surrounded by stunning women all day. Will the Patriots Phil the agony of Dunphy?

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I'm a sweaty cheerleader after practice, cum smell my holes

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Sounds like guys that pretty smart to me.

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Im a sweaty cheerleader after practice, cum smell my holes

Other Farkers comment on the links. Not the commercials, not the game, not the Puppy Bowl, nuthin'. So Goodell will be on camera the whole game? This thread is archived, and closed to new comments.

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  1. well ive gotta hear this spitroast one but it got removed,