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Had an ex that cheated on me with another girl like couple months in the relationship, found out like a year after during a conversation. OP be like "b-b-b-but she had a thick ass and a nice personality". Stop dating ugly ass dykes, leverage your manmore game and go get it done man. Why do you think she was cheating? Thread: AMA ex gf turned into a lesbian no pics srs.

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Always difficult because they'd never work out for reasons I simply didn't understand at the time I wasn't even out to myself; maybe women aren't. I'm not a phucking performing seal, I'm not going to do tricks to get a mouthful of fish. You're like the manmore version to girls of what fukin a midget chick is to normal sized guys. Listen bro I'm not saying this to be a dik or anything, listen carefully: you can do a lot better than some lying bish who just wanted to get another try at liking dick.

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  1. who is that lady with that great chemistry and smile