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But goes on to say, this was also true when the Empire was aggressively expanding. It cemented the idea that sexual and romantic union should be between a man and a woman, c hanging what had been until now an undercurrent of acceptance that gay sex happened. Gay sex in Ancient Rome was not only easy to come by, it was an accepted part of being a Roman — even in the army. Historical Novelist Richard Blake explains in one essay how it was always more difficult to have gay relationships at times the Romans had a declining population. That could be a problem in itself.

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One part of this was an attempt to make 1st century Judaism more palatable to the liberal Greco-Roman readers. The master would use his property as he saw fit. This decision would forever change the religious identity of the Roman Empire. Because it was perfectly acceptable for a Roman man to have sex with either a man or woman — so long as he was the top.

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