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Bold argument: Another Twitter user named Jesse tried claiming Leanna was a victim of rape because she did 'not fully per cent concent'. I thought I wanted to do it. Scorned singletons share the VERY funny ways they've gotten their own back on their exes Plenty of women took to the comments section of the recent Imgur post to slam Jesse for making such an ill-considered claim. Pam's wham-bam day marriage: It was the fifth time round for both of them, but they swore it was true Unsurprisingly, many men were also disturbed by Jesse's response to Leann. Strut the streets with the latest styles from Missguided.

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Clapping back: Along with the tweets, the Imgur user shared a very articulate comeback to Jesse's argument.

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Why are so many women haunted by a fear of not being good enough? And emmagizer added: 'As a feminist, I can tell you right now that what she is saying is absolutely wrong and humor-ous. However, Nobody made sure to point out the difference between sexual regret and a woman's right to revoke her consent in the middle of a sexual act.

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