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Look, you already know and love this sultry, chart-topping duet. Relationship goals out the wazoo. Listen to it when you're feeling: grateful and finally! Camila Cabello has invited us into her world of Romance , and there's a little something for everyone. Cabello's a catch, she knows it, and she wants a certain someone to agonize over not realizing it sooner. Being in denial never sounded so fun. She aims for the heart as she belts about a toxic relationship that has her questioning if she should leave or if she actually likes the pain.

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Taking that next step feels strange at first, but Cabello eventually decides she could "get used to this" — and thus a new romance was born.

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Camila Cabello nude

Relationship goals out the wazoo. She promises to always love a guy who, sure, is a bad dancer, but who helped breathed new life into her. On this genre-blending single, Cabello's lying to herself and everyone around her about her true feelings. That arresting falsetto chorus could convert even an atheist into a believer.

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