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I asked would u like to get a drink tonight and talk about your heifer. My story beings at agerbiton Which is basically a huge cattle sale So I'm in the barns walking up and down the aisles looking at all the amazing shorthorns that are offered to the sale when I see one the really catches my eye. I sort of lost my train of thought as I was looking her over and she pointed to the cow do u like the cow? I have a dark brown hair it short and really thick. I opened the door and climbed in she put err in drive and we took off god dam did this truck have power and she loved to use it we would stop at a red light and she squawk them every time it turned green we reached the bar in no time it was some country bar and we go in. I was kind of shocked I have never had a girl offer to pick me up. I quickly undid my pants and took off my socks tossing them to the side leaving me only in my boxers.

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I was kind of shocked I have never had a girl offer to pick me up.

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Introduction: this is my first story i have published please leave comments good or bad. All of the sudden I hear a knocking at the door I realized I drifted off and it was now shit I jumped up and open the door it was her I asked if she wanted a drink she said sure I grabbed to Budweiser and apologized for not having anything else we sat on the couch. After looking myself over I decided to get dressed.

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