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When a bunch of bullies start attacking Ganta and Shiro, an explosion causes a large object to fall towards Ganta. Ganta later learns from Senji about how Genkaku killed Nagi's wife, also hearing from Nagi about how each member of Scar Chain has their own ideas of freedom. While bleeding to death, Nagi makes a call to the hideout, which is heard by Shiro who catches up to Ganta and throws the chip into a fire. Archived from the original on May 12, An original video animation episode was released on October 8, , alongside the eleventh manga volume.

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Shiro from Deadman Wonderland Manga coloring page

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As Shiro confronts the robot, it is destroyed by the arrival of another inmate with the same powers as Ganta.

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Utilizing Cast Points, the prison's unique form of currency, prisoners can purchase a wide variety of items from ordinary lunches, luxurious furniture for their rooms, and even years off of their sentences. As Ganta is tortured with footage of what a "carnival corpse" entails, Makina decides to confront the chief director concerning the mysteries of G-Block. Makina later rallies the Deadmen on a mission to infiltrate Deadman Wonderland and activate the Mother Goose Program to completely seal the Wretched Egg another name for the Red Man , with the resulting battle destroying most of Deadman Wonderland.

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