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Heylia threatens Nancy at gunpoint; she demands that Nancy deliver all of her weed back by that evening or be killed. Nancy and Heylia tentatively rekindle their old friendship. Retrieved September 28, Emma offers Silas a job, but he turns her down. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Be the Nancy who raised Silas. After some coaxing by the sisters, Demetri's military buddies return all but one ounce, which they'd smoked.

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Silas, enamored, offers her a job on their team, and sleeps with her after showing her the entire operations of their weed-dealing business.

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Nancy sends Andy away, gives Emma a stern talking to, but leaves Silas and Emma to work it out. Shane was a puppeteer with his now ex-girlfriend, Silas found work as a model for "some flower water", and Andy and Doug gave tours of Copenhagen under the name "Wonderful Wonderful Tours" recalling the premiere of season five, Wonderful Wonderful. Views Read Edit View history. Overhearing that, Ed drags her to his office for a drug test.

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