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SG1 : " Rules of Engagement ". They found a lone survivor named Cassandra. Daniel Jackson had several Talthun consciousnesses downloaded into his mind, she attempted to communicate with the with different people. When he succeeded in killing Jolinar, she attempted to save Carter and was successful. Janet in in an alternate timeline.

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Janet Fraiser

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When SG-1 visited the planet Vyus , they called in Fraiser to try to find a cure for their amnesia.

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When Teal'c and Bra'tac were injured in the Ambush of Kresh'ta and they were forced to share Teal'cs symbiote , she was unable to keep Junior alive. She tested Shifu 's blood and found nanites like the ones found on the planet Argos. Luckily the Tok'ra were able to assist. With the help of Ke'ra, she was able to dissolve the substance and they regained their memories.

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