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Outside was a girl of a similar age. She wanted no incriminating evidence left around. I suppose I could buy you a pair of tights if you like. What about games — showers and things? The next day she opened a new bank account in her new name. Roger helped his mother pack. She did not tell him but the lot would be dropped off at the nearest Oxfam shop.

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He went over and sat down in front of the mirror staring in horror at the little girl that was him.

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It took only ten days for his mother to find herself a job in a large firm of architects in Manchester. She wanted to meet Roger and, provided that she felt that he was really convincing as a girl, she would enrol him in the school as a girl. She gave Roger a little white cardigan to wear before they left the room, her carrying two suitcases and Roger carrying one. Next Next post: About Payment and Ordering.

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