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Little does he know that Oozora already have an issue with their dear Hibari that will further complicate things. But Tofu's got his own ideas on how to make things better for the couple, and a truth telling point may just solve some problems After discovering apparently it does , she ends up in exile for attempting to corrupt the local king's beautiful daughter. Ranma thinks she's up to something, and looking to even the score he seeks out Dr Tofu's help. Them, I've made money from.

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Figuarts Shampoo In STOCK Bandai Tamashii S.H Action Figure Ranma 1/2

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A drought has hit Nermia, and principal Kuno has a crazy plan to try and bring back the water, and Mousse is willing to sacrifice himself in order to do so.

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It was obvious to her that she would've been asked at some point what her species was, but when it actually was asked, she realized that she didn't know how to answer. There is definitely something in the water around Furinkan High School. What if his parting words made Shampoo have a change of heart?

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