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Kal stopped thinking about Lois, probably waiting at home in bed for him to come and take her. Her work suit made her body sexy in a secretary-way and her hips swayed with her strut pleasantly. Kara let out a small squeal from the unexpected act. Kal stared into the window in Kara's costume which allowed a generous view of the deep crevice which was her bountiful cleavage. Kara coughed slightly, "Kal? She was from a different place, and though she came to love Kal-El of this universe and his friends, she was not their family. Kal again suddenly spun her around on his member to face him, and grabbed her by the throat.

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His first seven inches tortured her cervix and she wanted more.

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He longed to touch her wide hips as she shifted her weight to one side. Kara had never felt closer to anyone. Kal reached down to Kara's womanhood and began rubbing her clit through the white latex of her costume.

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