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Yoongi would be super turned on if you wore a simple silk dressing gown with nothing on underneath, tied loosely to show the sides of your breasts, your bellybutton and your tangle of pubic hair. He would come up from behind you and slip his hand down your panties while kissing the back of your neck and removing his shirt from your breasts. All works belong to the respective admins. Once you realised how affected he was by you wearing the ensemble, you would make sure to only bring it out on very special occations when you wanted to drive him crazy. He would love anything which accentuated your bust and made you seem more comforting and loving.

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He is happy to either leave the lingerie on or off during foreplay and sex depending on how the mood feels.

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He would find you sexy in a regular pair of black underwear. He would be equally attracted to you if you were wearing an old, unmatching bra and panties. He would leave your lingerie on for most of the foreplay but it would eventually come off as things got more heated.

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