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Jeongguk pulled up one of your legs, then the other and slipped inside you without a warning or a care in the world. He was dancing on that fine line between pain and pleasure now, your walls still extremely tight because of your first orgasm and his hand repeatedly coming down hard on your ass cheek. If anything, he became even faster, almost turning one orgasm into the next already. With a pinch on your clit you came hard for the last time tonight, screaming his name, as Jeongguk spilled himself inside you like you had wanted him to, moaning out your name louder than he usually did. And that made him so proud. You like it when daddy fucks you like this and fills you up with his cock?

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And that happened rarely too, but you knew that when he was at the point of you having to call him daddy, it was over for you.

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And that made him so proud. Pleasure that he made you feel. Your nails dug into the skin of his shoulder, your head falling back against the wood behind you as you were already arching your back. And that made him extremely happy, grinning from ear to ear, before he bit into your throat, sucking down on it so hard that you knew there would be a mark tomorrow.

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