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Morgan: La sociedad primitiva. According to a study realized in the year , the most number of victims of incest in Costa Rica are women; their fathers and step-fathers are the main aggressors, and the age of most victims was nine years old. Perrot, Buenos Aires, Adam, Eve, incest, propagation, nature, culture, forbidden incest, victims, women, fathers, step-fathers, aggressors, unchaining pathology, promiscuity, members heaping together. Science , Many anthropological theories try to explain it, one of them is the Levi-Strauss, which states that for man to pass from nature to culture, incest must be forbidden.

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Madrid, Editorial Espasa-calpe.

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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Morgan: La sociedad primitiva. Para cumplir con esos fines se parte del hecho de que la familia es una unidad natural con tendencias unificadoras y solidarias en la que, debido a los procesos sociales normales, se establecen relaciones de poder, que deben ser controladas. Genomic Views of Human History.

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