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And, in the case of Danny Brown, I think it's important, also, to think about the fact that there'll be those who will say that the lyrics, you know, were the reason why this happened. It wasn't something that was issued to the public. And so it wasn't meant for a wider audience. But how does he express that in a way that doesn't go against the way that masculinity is practiced within the context - or performed in the context - of hip-hop? You know - so how, on the one hand, does he acknowledge the fact that he's vulnerable up on stage? He had an endorsement deal with Reebok.

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Was Rapper Danny Brown Sexually Assaulted?

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So you were appalled, but what were you most appalled and disgusted by?

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That's the status quo and the fact that she pushed back against that and called it what it was, to me, was a very brave thing and a very noble thing and, you know, I commend her for it. Reebok moved to end its relationship with Rick Ross. But, at the same time, I was, like, appalled and disgusted because there is such thing as consent.

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