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The jets had turned on suddenly and turbulently with no apparent cause. From that moment on, Chip decided he was going to work his way up to pool attendant for his anthropological observations. Chip offered her a rolled up green and white candy striped towel. The temperature was right on, Chip had checked the bromine levels and was turning to leave when there stood a young woman, almost his age, a little older maybe. The man was pulling his lanyard out of his bathrobe.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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The man with his secrets still hanging around his neck was climbing into the tub, tee shirt and lanyard, his blue and gold ribbon soaking in the water as it became still around him.

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The drama therapists were getting out now, drying off, slipping back into bathrobes. The older drama therapist women had returned in search of a hair clip left behind. She began to take off her robe when she gasped.

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