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As for the trolls and the "person in front in the competition" shit; don't let it get to you. We all have to start somewhere, I'm just asking for you to check out my page and possibly vote for me, if you don't like me or you like someone else better, whatever your case, go ahead and vote for them? News flash: There are a ton of self conscious girls out there that absolutely cannot stand it when a girl like you "get's it", and goes with it. Did you even read what I wrote? I don't believe in this girl gamer bullshit. I'm very social, I like to play with friends, it's pretty rare you'll find me playing single player games, so if a game doesn't have a lot of people that I can play with OR if it's single player only I can't get into it.

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I was complimenting you on having the guts to put yourself out there.

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Vote for me for Maxim's Gamer Girl!

Avatar still unchanged from the day they introduced Battlelog. Shurikentenshi said: No thank you. Did you even read what I wrote?

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