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I undid his pants and started stroking his cock. We opened a bottle of wine we brought with us and relaxed, had some good hotel sex then watched a movie and called it a night. He pushed me against the wall and I could feel his hands all over me as we made out. I asked him if he had jerked off listening to the couple fuck to which he nodded his head. We fucked for over and hour and the whole time he pulled my hair and pounded me while I moaned and creamed all over his cock until he finally filled my married pussy with his warm messy load. He smacked my ass hard telling me how sexy I am and how he loves when I talk dirty.

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I asked him if he had a room at the hotel and he said he did not.

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His hands now on her hips he pulls her in close and she feels the effect their dancing has had on him as he pushes into her. After a couple of hours of dancing and more then a few glasses of wine along with a couple of shots I started grinding with an ex bf of mine who was at the wedding and things were getting pretty flirty. I giggled and crawled onto the bed and gave him a big kiss and asked him if it had turned him on hearing them fuck. They get in he pulls her to him and they kiss.

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