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He falls deeply in love with Rebecca the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in the film version of Ivanhoe, Rebecca was played by Elizabeth Taylor. Because Bois-Guilbert is so deeply in love with Rebecca he tells her of the chance that she might be spared as a result of trail by combat hoping that he will be her champion. Ivanhoe truly loves the Lady Rowena whom is to be his wife, but he also has strong feelings for Rebecca and owes her his life for mending his wounds from the tournament so he agrees to be her champion. Rebecca rejects Bois-Guilbert because she knows in her heart he is evil and she is really in love with Ivanhoe although she is hesitant to admit her love for Ivanhoe to Bois-Guilbert. To further complicate matters, Rebecca has fallen in love with Ivanhoe after tending his wounds from the tournament. Although, Ivanhoe won the tournament, he suffered life threatening wounds at the hands of Bois-Guilbert and comes very close to death.

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Rebecca Love in Witches of Breastwick 2

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He promises that if she will run away with him he will give up everything of importance including renouncing his faith and his pledge to the Knights Templar.

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Left with only one option Rebecca chooses the man she really loves, Ivanhoe as her champion. The stage is set for the trail by combat between these two great knights Bois-Guilbert and Ivanhoe for a battle to the death. Rebecca senses that Ivanhoe may also love her, but knows that it is hopeless as Ivanhoe is betrothed to the Saxon princess, Lady Rowena whom he loves above all others. So now he must fight Ivanhoe and use all his strength to kill Ivanhoe in single combat knowing that his victory means the love of his life, Rebecca will burn in the flames as a witch.

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