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For perspective, fellow lolcow Vade is widely believed to have intentionally caused her boyfriend to commit suicide in order to gain sympathy on Tumblr. While Chris is far from perfect, it is generally accepted that calling for him to be harmed or abused like A-Logs do merely legitimizes Chris's sense of victimization, and makes the A-Logs themselves look sociopathic and unbalanced. Moreover, even if this were taken to be evidence of a violent streak, it does not merit abuse or punishment as he obviously hasn't hurt anyone except fictional characters in video games and homemade comics. His IQ is within normal range. Someone strangle this fucker to death.

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What you have done is unforgivable.

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It is also worth noting that with Bob gone, and Barb soon to follow, Chris has begun to emerge from his parents' influence, and has back-pedalled on his bigotry towards minorities. If it wasn't for u fellow autistics and Sonic OC creators like me would be respected by the world. During the Lars Call , Chris showed great apprehension towards using the word "nigga" and only did so when Lars gave him implicit permission. There are a few qualities which are common in A-Logs, and many of them can be seen in the original A-Log's commentaries.

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