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While Hal tries to make up to society, Malcolm was an hour and a half late coming home from school, and gets grounded for breaking a promise, even while they are staying overnight in the school gym, forced to stay on the bed. Plot Edit Hal removes the plastic off the family's new couch. Hal removes the plastic off the family's new couch. Hal then asks if Dewey would like to accompany him taking their old couch to the dump, at first Dewey refuses but then Hal educates him on how amazing it is and Dewey reluctantly agrees. Lois gets interviewed but tells the newscaster she can't talk to Malcolm because he is grounded. Malcolm tells her they need to change the rules of how to deal with each other, wondering if she plans to take away his TV after he's married, or give him a time-out when he's Sign In Don't have an account?

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He eventually gives Reese his watch due to persuasion and adding he is an evil punk, Reese then adds he wants his socks too, much to his dismay.

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Summary Edit Hal and Dewey accidentally drop an old couch on the railroad tracks while driving it to the dump, and the town ends up being evacuated after a train containing toxic waste derails. Eric then proceeds to call him "poodlehead" until Francis gets annoyed. Francis berating two bikers at a bar saying that nobody cares how many bales of hay they can lift.

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