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She's 44 years old, comes from a great family and once held the esteemed position of Raw general manager. She's just not the take home kind. There's a pretty thick line between working out to look good and overdoing it. In fact, she was an Intercontinental champion—the first and only female champion ever. But I guarantee she would scare most mothers. This one—unfortunately—is one based solely on looks. You: Now mom, I need you to be nice to Kia Stevens.

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5 WWE Divas We'd Never Take Home to Mom

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You: Mom, this is Mickie James.

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It is fair to point out that not everyone reading is the same age. Her history of drugs, alcohol, depression and relationship woes with work peers is strike two. She looks like she's going to rip you in half.

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  1. She's good, thickness, but the camera position is so bad,