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It may not seem that sexy to schedule the order of sex acts. Or Becky and her beau could simply go mouth to ass. Although, as Sly just explained, the risk is usually minimal. In other words, the organisms that normally live in the gut might not take kindly to being relocated to the mouth, via the bum. This could also apply to people taking antibiotics, which have wiped out the friendly bacteria that normally live in the gut, and allowing harmful bacteria introduced via ass-to-mouth to take charge without competition.

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Pharyngeal gonorrhea tends to be asymptomatic, according to the CDC , although it might cause a sore throat.

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Finally, there's some limited research suggesting that gonorrhea can be transmitted between the rectum and pharynx, as researchers at Melbourne University in Australia proposed in In any case, you can tell Becky she can mostly chill. Some parasitic worms can also cause autoinfection.

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