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The bodies of Jenny, Chelsy, Kristina, and Stephanie can all be found on the block. In addition to her work at Everyday Feminism, Raquel also heads social media for Adios Barbie and writes and edits for Latinitas magazine. Who owns the TV show, movie, magazine, video game, or website you are viewing? Login to our online forum and start a post! And, finally, regardless of how the media tells us we should look, Latina bodies — like all bodies — come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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What Your Body Type Reveals About How Good (Or Bad) You'll Be in Bed

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Are they valued for their talents and personality?

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Do you feel better or worse about yourself when viewing or hearing this media? Want to discuss this further? Photos of our favorite Latina celebrities are Photoshopped, too. Tuning out of media will help you better recognize what real bodies look like all around and the wide variety of bodies that are considered attractive and desirable in your own life.

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