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Saul was shipwrecked in a storm, and then sent adrift in the ocean until fatefully landing on Ohara itself. When Toko becomes targeted by the Shogun after laughing at him, Robin dropped her mission to protect her. She refused to participate in Franky's "Tactic No. Furthermore, not only did he fight to save her from Enies Lobby like the rest of her friends, he was the one who won the correct key that unlocked her seastone handcuffs. It can be said that Robin would never harm someone who hasn't done anything to her, as she did save Luffy before they became crewmates.

nico robin and nami nico robin and nami

Nico Robin

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On the other hand, while she used various tricks to gain the trust of the other Straw Hats save for Sanji, who immediately trusted her because she was a beautiful woman , she never tried to trick him into accepting her. After Enies Lobby, Zoro and Robin fully trust each other and have grown closer. While investigating the ruins of Upper Yard, she was interrupted by Yama. The children of Ohara usually picked on Robin, but are scared off by her Hana Hana no Mi powers, and the children as well as their parents would call her a monster for it.

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