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I have found that a gusset about two and a half to three inches works better than anything narrower. Unless perhaps it was to some very special place, or among a group of friends who shared a preference for panties. TUMBLR has failed its online community and Users by inexplicably blocking content that IS NOT in violation of written Community Guidelines, but that apparently violates some unwritten, unspecified rule concerning what blogs may and may not contain. I was absolutely taken with your thoughtful, sensible and forthright approach to men wearing panties. Here are two important tips on choosing a panty that fits:. My advice for men who have tried panties, like wearing them, and would like to get their partner used to the idea is begin with the basics. Posts Likes Following Ask me about men wearing panties.

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16-June 2019: Trophy Boy

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You can slip most panties on over the thong without ruining the fit, or sacrificing the ability to gauge the fit and look once it on your body with nothing underneath.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I hope that one day, men who like wearing panties and other unconventional underwear as an alternative to what is traditionally available for men, will be able to disclose and share their preference without fear of shame, derision or ridicule. Begin with Basic I have received a lot of questions from men who like to wear panties, and are interested in doing so more often. Chose a style that is cut a bit wider in the crotch, and has good elastic around the leg openings — better to keep everything in place. The panty shown here is brief, but fits well — creating a nice bulge while leaving something to the imagination.

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