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A bulldog, originally known as bulldogging or a bulldogging headlock or the headlock jawbreaker is any move in which the wrestler grabs an opponent's head and jumps forward, so that the wrestler lands, often in a sitting position, and drives the opponent's face into the mat. The attacking wrestler starts by running and extending his arm like a lariat takedown but instead performs a revolution around the opponent's shoulders. The attacking wrestler first lifts his opponent over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. A back body drop or backdrop also sometimes called a shoulder back toss , is a move in which a wrestler bends forward or crouches in front of their opponent, grabs hold of the opponent, and stands up, lifting the opponent up and over and dropping them behind the back. As well known as a falling rear mat slam. Therefore, the opponent would be slammed back-first into the mat after being almost "forcibly flipped" over the wrestler's back as the wrestler turns to his sides. From this point, the wrestler places their leg in front of the opponent's opposite leg, and falls backwards, causing the opponent's arm to be slammed into the mat.

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Professional wrestling throws

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The move is performed with the wrestler's legs scissored around the opponent's head, dragging the opponent into a forced forward somersault as the wrestler falls to the mat.

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The wrestler then falls backwards while throwing the opponent the same way, dropping them down to the mat on their chest. An arm drag which sees the wrestler being spun in front of the opponent's body in a tilt-a-whirl , and then ending it up with an arm drag. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A lifting version also exists, where a wrestler applies a sleeper hold to the opponent, lifts the opponent up and slams the opponent into the ground.

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