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The heat and twisting ruins the elasticity of the bra and reduces its life! This is a , long post , I know , but for all my bra wearing followers get you something that fits friends! A proper fit means you should be able to lift your arms over your head and jump around without the band or underwire budging or exposing underboob. Many ship internationally so take a look at all of them particularly the UK ones Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon all have bras inexpensively. Ex: one with a bigger or smaller band if your measurements are close to needing a bigger or smaller band size, and then some up or down a couple cup sizes so you can compare the fit. Great for the visuals to help you understand what a bad fit and proper fit look like.

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18 Tumblr Posts About Bras That Will Make Anyone With Boobs Laugh

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There are more than just these of course.

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The gore is not tacking, but band is not tight: Band size is too big, or maybe fits just right - but the cups are too small. Of course, it should not hurt either! You may need to go up or down a band size, or up or down many cup sizes.

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